Bringing Affordable Safety and Comfort to the Modern Traveler

The Mossy™ Bag Company is an eco-friendly stalking-prevention company founded in the UK for female commuters, adventurers, cyclists/road runners and students with security as our priority.

We incorporated a sleek, elegant design which puts your comfort first.

Our customers across the globe have gained peace of mind from an added layer of security against tracking devices and pick-pockets using The Guardian Backpack 2.0

The 5 Features Of The Backpack

  • Hidden Zips

    Only You Can Access The Backpack.

    Take That, Pickpockets And Stalkers !

  • Keep Dry, No Matter The Weather

    We Made The Backpack Waterproof.

    No Need To Thank Us,

    Your Electronics And Books Will !

  • Streamline Your Commute

    Impress Others With Your Strap Zip Pocket For Your Travel Card!

    No More Holding Up The Train Station Queue

  • Posture Correcting

    Tired Of Looking Like A Question Mark?

    Our Straps Keep Your Shoulders In A Retracted Position, Relieving Back Strain

  • Charge On The Go

    Conquer The World Without Worrying About The Low Battery Sign, Using Our External USB Port For Your Portable Charger And Cable